Why Play Zero?

Welcome To LineageZero

LineageZero is Free To Play

LineageZero Started Feb 4th 2011.

Best population through out the North America Server

Korean and English Language patch available

Too many to list them all,

why not check it out by yourself?

Rules for Our Server

Most important rule in Lineage Zero is "Manner". It is a PvP server like DEP and LOA, but threating, swearing, hacking, or cheating can lead to chat ban or permenant ban. Lineage Zero is not like other private server with no monitoring and helpless GM.  As a game master, I respect every user who plays our server, and our users respect each other as well. We are also not planning to reset the server or shut down the server in future. You are always welcome as long as you play with manner in game and respect GM and other users who are putting lot of efforts to this server.

More Rules for Continue to read... 

We Are Better Than One

Care Each Other


Client Download


Korean [link1]  

Korean [link2]  

English [link1]  

English [link2]  

How to Install?

 All you need to do is download client & unzip the file!


Need Help?

  Having trouble with log in or other issue? 

Feel free to send email to zero for help ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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