Red means Important, You must know

Special Commands for Zero Server


Pop up the command windows


Set up the quiz


Delete quiz


Get unsealed scroll

.. or .telelag

Reload the game graphic, or fix teleport lag.


You can ask clan party if you are guardian or Vice in BP


Below level 70 can use buff


You can on & off the drop list ment


If your feather didn't stack up you can use addfeather command


If your adena didn't stack up you can use addadena command


This will put you on pledge mark to see enemy but must turn off before seige


You can change password with this command


You can set up your age


You can change lang to en from kr by type .lang command

Ex) .lang [character name] en  Or .lang [character name] kr


You can change your character name by this command but you need

book of name change [You can purchase this from Zero coin shop]


You can set up the rank of clan member with this command

General Game Commands


Use different numbers or capital letters in place of # before a message to make the text appear in different colors


Lists all the shortcut keys [F5-F12] with items and magic spells assigned to each key


Tells you how many people are online

/who [name]

Tells you if the person is online, their title, and the number of people online

/create [name]

Creates a blood pledge with that name [prince(ss) only]


Provides information about your bloodpledge. For princes this allows you to see all members (online and offline) of the pledge along with seeing their ranks.


Join a certain bloodpledge, you have to be facing the leader of the bloodpledge to use this command


Leaves the blood pledge you are in

/title [player name] [title]

Gives a title to a certain bloodpledge member or yourself, for a prince/princess, or a freelancer who is over level 40

/emblem [filename.bmp]

Used by leaders to tet the selected file name as an emblem for the bloodpledge


Brings up your friends list

/addbuddy [char name]

Adds a character to your friends list

/delbuddy [char name]

Deletes a character from your friend/buddy list


Opens your bookmarks

/bookmark [location name]

Bookmarks your current location for use with the ring of teleport control. Note that certain locations in the game can not be bookmarked

/exclude [player's name]

Excludes the player from the chat and private messaging. You may also double right click their name in chat to do this. Type it in again or restart to unexclude them


Tells you your current location in 2 sets of five digit numbers

/chat off

Turns chat off

/chat on

Turns chat on


Opens box, which allows you to enter 5 lines, which will show in tradechat

/tradechat on

Turns tradechat on

/tradechat off

Turns tradechat off

/whisper on

Turns whispers on

/whisper off

Turns whispers off


Lets you set up shop and enter shopmode in a tradezone. Use the /shop command again to leave shopmode.


Enables automatic selection of all items at pick up


Turns off the foul language filter. Type it in again to turn it off


Opens the sound window


Opens the sound window


Enables a bubble around all text in the play screen


Initiates a trade window with the player you are facing

/war [pledge name]

Used by bloodpledge leaders to declare a war


Used by bloodpledge leaders to surrender during the war


Used by bloodpledge leaders to try to end a war in a truce

/ban [member's name]

Bans a member from your clan (Prince(ss) only)

/checkbmp [filename.bmp]

Used by leaders of bloodpledges to check the bloodpledge icon in the game, the file has to be in .bmp format and should be 16(width) by 12 (height) pixels; to use transparency simply use pure black color (RGB# 0 0 0)


Invites a player into a hunting party. Face the person to use this command

/banish [name]

Bans someone from your hunting party


Makes you leave your party


Lists the current party members


Toggles the ability to hit PC/NPC without use of Ctrl


Shows the time, taken from your computer 

Keyboard Shortcuts


Lets you use the 1st set of shortcuts F5-12


Lets you use the 2nd set of shortcuts F5-12


Lets you use the 3rd set of shortcuts F5-12


Pickup items around you. Asks for number(from stacks), if you havn't /getall set


Opens your inventory window.

Ctrl + A

Opens your status Window.

Ctrl + S

Opens your spellbook window.

Ctrl + H

Opens the Help Menu.

Ctrl + V

Opens the Game Options Menu.

Ctrl + O

Brings up the Color Chart Window. Use this for typing in colors.

Ctrl + Q

Opens the Game Menu.

Ctrl + R

Toggles on/off your HP/MP bar.

Ctrl + T

Change chat window size on your screen.

Ctrl + X

Select the last casted spell to be casted automatically upon clicking on targets.

Ctrl + P

Capture a screenshot. All screenshots are stored in your Capture folder in the Lineage directory under the following names:LinCnnnn.tga the size of each screenshot is 601KB.

Ctrl + E

Shouting of Survival [other way click on food guage also works]


Switch language from/to english/korean. ***


Cycle through the available targets below your mouse. This is very beneficial if you can't target your dog to resurrect. Double click on the resurrection scroll, put your mouse over the dog, right click until you see the dogs name appear and then left click to resurrect him.



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