What to do?

You need to Create the Account First~!

If it is your first time to log into server, all you need to do is just type

in the  account and password. But Remember,

Only two accounts available under single IP.

Can't Type English?

Don't worry just press space + right shift key will change back to English.


First Step

Change your account to English.

How ? all you need to do is type .lang [character name] en on your chat.

for example, my knight name is ZeroGuide, so .lang zeroguide en,

Remember, single space between words.


Second Step

Press tap key to see your inventory, there are 3 items inside your inventory,

Double Click on Talking Scroll & Faint Memory Crystal

For Tip, you can turn off NPC name by press

CTR + V (game option) -> Game Setting -> NPC Name Shows OFF

Also If you can't use your wheel, you can turn on short key scroll from Game Setting

Go to Giran Town, and put all the Ivory tower set.

Find scarecrow in 3 o'clock at giran (name LineageZero),

hit the scarecrow until level 45 or 52. its up to you.


Third Step

Buy Blessed Teleport Scroll from Giran Zero Shop.  (second one from zero shop)

And double click it, it will shows book mark.

Click on the [Field] TOS

Click on Twisting of Space and Click Try putting both hands on the phrase

You can hunt here until level 72. This is one of  Fastest Level up spot until 72.

Tip : this monsters are undead so use weapon type like silver or ori,

if you are mage, use turn undead spell. 


Good Luck With your Start!




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