Quest level 55 & 70


Where to Start?

Located (Between Kent & Gludin)


Level 55 Quest (Seirune)

You must higher than level 55


1. Get the Old Report by clicking Pile of Books


2. Buy Mage's Rock from Poi


3. Talk to Seirune to get Elixir Rune (level 55)

Choose one of kind Elixir Rune

Now you will receive level 55 Elixir Rune Bag

When you open the bag you will receive 55 Elixir Rune & Tarnished Report (for level 70 Quest)


Level 70 Quest (Nerva)

After you finish level 50 Quest, you can do level 70 quest and you must higher than level 70


1. Buy "Remove Power from Rune" from Poi

When you use it, you Elixir rune will turn into Powerless Rune. 


2. You need Tarnished Report (from level 55 Quest) & Powerless Rune & 70 of Enchant Weapon Scrolls

And start talk to Nerva



3. Now you will receive Final Mode of Elixir Rune.

It is not same rune as level 55 Elixir Rune, it has extra bonus.


Change Elixir Rune Type (Riddle)

There are NPC name Riddle will change your Elixir Rune to different type. 

ex) STR -> DEX, DEX -> INT

But it cost 10mil(10,000,000) adena for each changes.

Make sure take off the rune first before you change the type.





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