All The Dragon Weapon Effects Damage & chances Are Increase by Enchant Level

Paagrio's Hatred

Class : All Class

Type : One Hand Weapon

Effect : Custom Earth Shake Spell

Thor's Hammer

Class : Dragon Knight

Type: Chain Sword

Effect : Custom Lighting Spell, Increase weakness(dragon knight spell by chainsword) chance


Eva's Scorn

Class: Prince / Knight / Dragon Knight

Type : Two handed Weapon

Effect: Custom Sword Dance Spell, Increase stun(Knight spell) chance


Maphr's Retribution

Class:  Dark Elf

Type:  Edoryu (Two hand Dark Elf Weapon)

Effect: Custom Double Dance Spell, Increase armor break(dark elf spell) chance


Lich's staff

Class: Mage

Type : Staff

Effect: Custom Dark Soul Spell, Increase Mage Spell Destroy by enchant level


Phoenix's Yumi

Class: Elf

Type: Two hand Bow

Effect: Custom Fire Blast, Increase erase(Elf spell) chance


Sleyin's Kiringku

Class: Illusionist

Type: Kiringku (Illusionist weapon)

Effect: Custom Soul Eater Spell



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