Download / Installation

1. Download the below file (아래 파일을 다운 받으세요)
2021/07/26 한국어 제로 클라 ZIP버전: [link1] [link2]
1. 압축을 해제합니다 (반디집, 알집 등 프로그램을 사용해서 압축을 푸세요)
2. 보안을 낮춥니다
3. 리니지 폴더 안에 있는 lineage.exe 파일을 실행합니다 (본섭 패치 진행하지 마시고 종료)
4. 리니지 폴더안에 LineageZero.exe 를 바탕화면에 단축키 생성합니다. (해도되고 안해도 됩니다 단지 해야 접속이 편하겠죠?)
4. 접속 
dll 에러 나시는 분 다운받으세요(압축풀고 설치하세요)
64 bit : 

If its your first time installing lineage zero please download and install dll patch
64 bit : 
After install 32 bit and still not working please install 64 bit and restart computer
2021/07/26 English Zero Client Zip version: [link1] [link2]
if link 1 doesnt work try to with link2
Lasted English Patch : NONE
1. lower your uac and remove antivirus programs
2. Change your computer non-unicode to korean if you don't your hotkey always gone after restart.
3. unzip lineagezero zip file
4. double click lineage.exe once this will pop up korean live window, do not press ok just close it (top right corner)
5. look for lineagezero.exe file inside client drag with right click and move to your window for make it short cut (must be shortcut, not copy)
6. click lineagezero.exe and log in
If you having problem with resolution please delete lineage.cfg file inside lineage client.


Step 1

Remove Anti-Virus Program from your computer (AVG, Norton, etc)

Download the client

If its your first time installing lineagezero, please download dll and install it.


Step 2

Change your UAC (User Account Control) Setting.

Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Account


Change your unicode to Korean

Go to Region and Language Setting -> Administraive tab -> Change system locale...


And restart Computer.


Step 3

After download EXE file, take file to where you want to install.

And Press Start.


Step 4

After install the LineageZero Client, Click lineage.exe file first and close it right away (Do not do live patch) one time only

And look inside folder, and find LineageZero.exe

You can make it short cut with right mouse button and drag.


Step 5

Double click the LineageZero.exe, you will be at the connector window.


You are done~! 


Error Occur

vcredist_x86 error : install vcredist_x86_2012.exe from lineage client folder


Q2 : I got log in but keep getting d/c when I click the character

A2 : Log into your account and this time try to log on alt character and buy character restore scroll from zero shop and use it.


Q3 : it keep says I already have two account

Q3 : Yes you can only make two account per IP, also it can say when you try to re type your password because you made mistake,

please delete password and account what you type and re-type everything.


Q4 : I follow the all the step but it doesn't work.

A4 : Please follow the step again and if still not working, Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and install teamviewer (

I will do it for you.


Other type of error

GameGuard Error 

1. it can happen when you didn't lower your UAC to low setting
go control panel lower your UAC

2. Change your local to korea (from lang setting at control pannel)
same as where you setting unicode

3. it occurs when connector not fully works which means one of two reason I already explain.

MSVCP100.dll error

this dll error happen when you didn't install vcrdist_x86_2012.exe from your computer. please install vcrdist_x86_2012.exe from your client.


Still having trouble to install?

Please install teamviewer (type teamviewer from google) and send me email, I will install it for you


For more information Please Check this : How to create account

How to Install?

 All you need to do is download client & unzip the file!


Need Help?

  Having trouble with log in or other issue? 

Feel free to send email to zero for help ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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