Halloween Event


Whats new?

New Weapon for halloween only~!

Zero's Pumpkin Long Sword

Zero's Pumpkin Two-Hand-Sword

Zero's Pumpkin Staff

Zero's Pumpkin Bow

Zero's Pumpkin Chain-Sword

Zero's Pumpkin Kiringku

Long Sword, Two-Hand-Sword, Chain-Sword proc Pumpkin Drop Spell.

Staff, Bow, Kiringku proc Pumpkin Curse Spell.


Who is giving this out?

Fake Jack-0-Lantern Drops this!

Easy to kill, but also can get no drop except! 

Fake Jack-0(number)-Lantern drops Pumpkin Seed.

With Pumpkin Seed and halloween poly candy


Real Jack-O-Lantern 

Drops Gold, Silver, Bronze Pumpkin, Protection Scroll and

100 Pumpkin Seed~!


where can you find this Jack-0-Lantern and Jack-O-Lantern?

Do you remember last year?

Toi 31~34 Floor.

What is best drop from pumpkin?

Gold gives great items, Chao's Helm, Chao's Touch, Death Scale, D-weapon etc.

Silver gives Toi charms, and etc Bronze Pumpkin gives few basic items, b-zel, b-dai etc.


You can purchase more pumpkin with Pumpkin Seed from event shop.

Event shop locate at feather shop area and purchase item can be 

find from Tasga (Giran Special Dwarf Storage)


Event will be end Nov 5th. Good Luck and Have Fun~!


Client Download

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