2015/02/04 Patch Note

5 Castle time re worked

Giran & Kent : 10PM EST

Orc & Windwood & Heine : 10PM Korea Time

Orc (Non-PVP Rules)

War between pledge must stay in siege time only. 

So neutral BP can join the fight


Dragon's Amethyst 

can be use until level 85

Castle Buff

40% extra bonus, +50 HP/MP, +1 HP/MP Regen

(After owning castle, must restart to get this buff)

Pledge Buff

-1AC, exp gain increase from 10% -> 20%

Basic EXP gain has been decreased

New command added

.light [on or off]

light command will remove darkness during the night time 

4th year Event (This event until next server down)

Adena & Drop & EXP increase by 50%

Donation Bonus

300 -> 30%

200 -> 20%

100 -> 10%

less -> 5% 

Thors Hammer trade scroll has been added


Client Download

Korean [link1]  

Korean [link2]  

English [link1]  

English [link2]  

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