15/07/05 Patch

1. Valakas cave instant d back on

2. UB minimum level is now 75

3. Battle zone reworked (at least need 5 or more)

4. Rumiel craft now works

5. Magical eye craft now works

6. Dark elder doll magic damage decreased

7. Arrow dodge chance increased by ac(only by ac not er)

and more minor erros has been fixed


New Skill

Brave Avatar for Prince

Pledge member who is in party and who is in less than 16 cells away from prince will recieve

STR+1/ DEX+1/ INT+1/ MR+10/ Stun resist+2/ Hold resist+2


Dream Come True Event

After BZ, if you are winning team, you will get dream box  

(make sure that do not put alt character or leave afk whiile in bz.

This action can cause your alt and your main account will be ban)

Dream Box contains blow list 

toi 1f~10f control charm

jeb Feng

jeb eye

thebe belt

thebe horus

thebe anubis

Dragon Armors

Aruca's Magicdoll Pocket

D-weapon and S-weapon Quest items

warrior skills

snapper's ring

rumtis's earring


Protection Scrolls

Empty Box


Event until next weekend


Client Download

Korean [link1]  

Korean [link2]  

English [link1]  

English [link2]  

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