1. Dragon Ball Event
- people still asking extend few more days, I will remain it but with lower the chance of drop. (I might leave it until next event not sure yet)

2. Market
- Open shop and close bug has been reworked.
You dont need to restart to set up auto shop, you can just use as like live, but if you are still willing to use as auto shop
you just need to restart and log on to other character after set up the shop mode.

3. Reel of Growth (Please read fully to understand)
- Its on sale from coin shop

How it works
- just click it to normal reel to fishing rod.
it will turn to Growth Fishing rod.

From fishing
- You dont need bait with Growth Fishing rod.
- You gain EXP 
(Base level 85, gain exp 0.001 per 1 real,
gain 0.1% from 100 real)
lower level will get higher exp, higher level will get lower exp
(it depend on exp level penalty)

- You can get 3 type of Variana (normal, blue, Parrot)
- Pure Elixir
- Einhasad's Gift

Einhasad's Gift drops
- 100% 1 of pure elixir
- Claw of Wrath
- Annihilated Chainsword
- Yumi of Nightmares
- Staff of Ice Queen
- Staff of Demon
- Staff of Beleth
- Zeroth's Staff
- Staff of Baphomet
- Belt of STR
- Belt of DEX
- Belt of Int
- Dragon Swords
- Titan skills
- Desperado

4. ultimate battle
- Reduce monster magic damage
(Please give me feed backs)


Client Download

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Korean [link2]  

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