1. Dragon Ball Event
- people still asking extend few more days, I will remain it but with lower the chance of drop. (I might leave it until next event not sure yet)

2. Market
- Open shop and close bug has been reworked.
You dont need to restart to set up auto shop, you can just use as like live, but if you are still willing to use as auto shop
you just need to restart and log on to other character after set up the shop mode.

3. Reel of Growth (Please read fully to understand)
- Its on sale from coin shop

How it works
- just click it to normal reel to fishing rod.
it will turn to Growth Fishing rod.

From fishing
- You dont need bait with Growth Fishing rod.
- You gain EXP 
(Base level 85, gain exp 0.001 per 1 real,
gain 0.1% from 100 real)
lower level will get higher exp, higher level will get lower exp
(it depend on exp level penalty)

- You can get 3 type of Variana (normal, blue, Parrot)
- Pure Elixir
- Einhasad's Gift

Einhasad's Gift drops
- 100% 1 of pure elixir
- Claw of Wrath
- Annihilated Chainsword
- Yumi of Nightmares
- Staff of Ice Queen
- Staff of Demon
- Staff of Beleth
- Zeroth's Staff
- Staff of Baphomet
- Belt of STR
- Belt of DEX
- Belt of Int
- Dragon Swords
- Titan skills
- Desperado

4. ultimate battle
- Reduce monster magic damage
(Please give me feed backs)

15/11/04 Patch

1. Stat Renewal

MAX Stat is now up to 45

Elixer rules changed: Able to use 1 Elixer first at level 55, and one more every 5 levels after wards up to 70

2. Ranking System

Rank Star Effect

Top 1 ~ 10(★★★★)

- MAX HP+100

- At Weight Guage 82% ~ 100% still able to attack and use magic

- NEW ITEM <Ranker's Protection> supplied

- PvP Melee Damage +2 / PvP Range Damage +2

- Hero Polymorph list Ranker Poly Available

- PvP Damage Reduction +2

- Class dependent STAT increase +1 buff applied

- Special System Message

Top 11 ~ 30(★★★)

- PvP Melee Damage +2 / PvP Range Damage +2

- Hero Polymorph list Ranker Poly Available

- PvP Damage Reduction +2

- Class dependent STAT increase +1 buff applied

- Special System Message

Top 31 ~ 60(★★)

- PvP Damage Reduction +2

- Class dependent STAT increase +1 buff applied

- Special System Message

Top 61 ~ 100(★)

- Class dependent STAT increase +1 buff applied

- Special System Message

3. Elf Element Changes

When changing element it no longer removes previously learned spells, BUT

every time you change the cost increases or use 2 candle of remeberance to change



- Image Update


- Image Update

- Proc Damage Increased

- Mortal Body Chance Increase +10

- Weakness chance increase 1% per enchant

- Thunder Grab, Fear, Horror of Death, Guard Break Chance +10


- Stun Chance Increase +10 

- Proc Damage Decreased

Proc Damage Applied more randomly rather than set value


- Shadow Sleep, Armor Break Chance Increase +10

Proc Damage Applied more randomly rather than set value


- Image Update

- Wind Shackle, Entangle, Striker Gale, Pollute Water, Erase Magic Chance Increase +5


- Image Update

- Increase Proc damage towards monsters

- Destroy Damage Increase

- Magic Critical Chance Increase


- Bone Break Chance +10 Increase


- Desperado Chance Increased


- Hit Bonus (Hit Bonus Renewal)

Increases Small damage

- Magic

*Mage magic Changes

Call Lighting, Cone of Cold, Eruption, Sunburst, Ice Spike. Destroy

Damage Decrease


Stun Chance Small Increase


Desperado Chance Decrease

*Dragon Knight

Weakness Chance Increase

6. Forgotten Island

Pet, Summon Monster available

7. Rumtis's Black Earring Added (Coin Shop)

- Unable to trade

- Blessed can be only crafted

8. Items that are no longer tradable

All Rumtis, All Snappers

9. Lv 5 Dolls are available now when combining

2015/02/04 Patch Note

5 Castle time re worked

Giran & Kent : 10PM EST

Orc & Windwood & Heine : 10PM Korea Time

Orc (Non-PVP Rules)

War between pledge must stay in siege time only. 

So neutral BP can join the fight


Dragon's Amethyst 

can be use until level 85

Castle Buff

40% extra bonus, +50 HP/MP, +1 HP/MP Regen

(After owning castle, must restart to get this buff)

Pledge Buff

-1AC, exp gain increase from 10% -> 20%

Basic EXP gain has been decreased

New command added

.light [on or off]

light command will remove darkness during the night time 

4th year Event (This event until next server down)

Adena & Drop & EXP increase by 50%

Donation Bonus

300 -> 30%

200 -> 20%

100 -> 10%

less -> 5% 

Thors Hammer trade scroll has been added


15/07/05 Patch

1. Valakas cave instant d back on

2. UB minimum level is now 75

3. Battle zone reworked (at least need 5 or more)

4. Rumiel craft now works

5. Magical eye craft now works

6. Dark elder doll magic damage decreased

7. Arrow dodge chance increased by ac(only by ac not er)

and more minor erros has been fixed


New Skill

Brave Avatar for Prince

Pledge member who is in party and who is in less than 16 cells away from prince will recieve

STR+1/ DEX+1/ INT+1/ MR+10/ Stun resist+2/ Hold resist+2


Dream Come True Event

After BZ, if you are winning team, you will get dream box  

(make sure that do not put alt character or leave afk whiile in bz.

This action can cause your alt and your main account will be ban)

Dream Box contains blow list 

toi 1f~10f control charm

jeb Feng

jeb eye

thebe belt

thebe horus

thebe anubis

Dragon Armors

Aruca's Magicdoll Pocket

D-weapon and S-weapon Quest items

warrior skills

snapper's ring

rumtis's earring


Protection Scrolls

Empty Box


Event until next weekend


Halloween Event


Whats new?

New Weapon for halloween only~!

Zero's Pumpkin Long Sword

Zero's Pumpkin Two-Hand-Sword

Zero's Pumpkin Staff

Zero's Pumpkin Bow

Zero's Pumpkin Chain-Sword

Zero's Pumpkin Kiringku

Long Sword, Two-Hand-Sword, Chain-Sword proc Pumpkin Drop Spell.

Staff, Bow, Kiringku proc Pumpkin Curse Spell.


Who is giving this out?

Fake Jack-0-Lantern Drops this!

Easy to kill, but also can get no drop except! 

Fake Jack-0(number)-Lantern drops Pumpkin Seed.

With Pumpkin Seed and halloween poly candy


Real Jack-O-Lantern 

Drops Gold, Silver, Bronze Pumpkin, Protection Scroll and

100 Pumpkin Seed~!


where can you find this Jack-0-Lantern and Jack-O-Lantern?

Do you remember last year?

Toi 31~34 Floor.

What is best drop from pumpkin?

Gold gives great items, Chao's Helm, Chao's Touch, Death Scale, D-weapon etc.

Silver gives Toi charms, and etc Bronze Pumpkin gives few basic items, b-zel, b-dai etc.


You can purchase more pumpkin with Pumpkin Seed from event shop.

Event shop locate at feather shop area and purchase item can be 

find from Tasga (Giran Special Dwarf Storage)


Event will be end Nov 5th. Good Luck and Have Fun~!

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