Dragon Event

Locate : Devil King Area

Time : Feb 27 ~ Mar 8

How : Collect all the DragonBalls

1. You need 7 of Dragon Balls

2. To make Final Dragon Ball, You need DragonBall[1st]

3. Double Click on DragonBall[1st] will make you the final Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball drop item will not be same as past but main item is Dragon Armors

The Reason of limited time. There are a lot of people has limited time for hunting,

There for this event wants to be fair to everyone has same amount of time. Good Luck.


Donation Event

Over $100 -> 20% extra

Over $200 -> 30% extra

this will be only hold till same as Dragon Ball Event


14/02/27 Patch

1. All Monster damage (include bosses) has been Reduced

this will may re-patch later on if damage is too low or too high.

2. Elemental Enchant bug has been fixed

there was a problem with elemental enchanting if weapon is at +15.

3. Zero Point System is back on test again.

Took time to reset the issue, its still on test. need more time and info for fix all the errors.

4. Selling gears with real money.

There are a lot of people has been banned because of selling gears in real money,

This is warning for buyer, If you buy items from someone else with real money,

Your items can be remove from your character without warning and Your account also banned.

This is warning for Seller, Even you didn't get money or anything from them,

if you do any actions that trying to sell gears in real money can be perm banned & delete all items from character.


Future for Zero.

5. New Boss will be add later on patch.

Drops rare items and coins

6. Hunting Area will be renew later on patch.

Dead hunting Area will be renew later on.

New Dragon Weapon (Sleyin's Kiringku)

35/35, Damage Bonus +7, HP +50, MP Regen +7, MP +50, SP +3

+2 mana drain by chance (chance increased by enchant level)

Winner of SS X-MAS EVENT IS StormFlare



Also Best Try... I will gving you 2k coin to ONLY


Donation System Back to Normal.

over 100 -> 5% Extra

Over 200 -> 10% Extra


하나의 도발 행위가 되는 행동은 채금 사유가 됩니다.

이유없이 제제를 진행하지 않습니다.

Event From DEC 19TH 2013 ~ JAN 4TH 2014 (EST)

Donation Bonus increase during Event Time.
under $100 -> 5% extra

Over $100 -> 20% extra

Over $200 -> 30% extra


Event 1. Get a Green Socks~!

If you stay log on during event time You will receive Green Socks


Event 2. Unlock Poly & Drops increase

All level Poly will be unlock. Also Drops increase


Event 3. Kill the Rudolph and Get a Red Socks~!

Rudolph will be spawn Sky castle, Giran Prison 1F ~2F.

Rudolph will drop items & Red socks~!


Event 4. Santa Coming Town~!

I released Santa to Come Visit you~! I Love My Santa =]

Where the X-MAS Tree, Thats Santa's spawning Area. Its all Random... Trees are located at 

Giran Town, Sky Castle, Noob Tos, Giran Prison 1F, Oren Town.

Santa drops Zero Coin!!!!! & Gold Socks (Gold Socks will gives D-Weapon And ETC High End Gears with Medium Rate)~!

Just let you know, Santa hates Chaotic People. That's Tip.


Event 5. Best Screen Shot for During Event Time.

Please Send me Best Screen Shot, doesn't matter you edit it or not.

1st Place will get 5000 Zero Coins.

How to resister?

Account :

Character name :

and attach SS*** 

Send this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Extra Event

E-E 1. I am Best Helper In Server!!!!

I am going to monitor all day so, If I see you helping the new users, I will give you present. ^^


E-E 2. I am a Best Donor In Server!!!

Only counts during Event Time. From DEC 19 ~ JAN 4.

Best Donor will get Extra 20% of their amount of donation End of Event.


Merry X-MAS, Happy New Year


이벤트 기간동안 도네이션 보너스

100불 이하 -> 5% 추가 코인 지급

100불 이상 -> 20% 추가 코인 지급

200불 이상 -> 30% 추가 코인 지급


이벤트 1. 녹색 양말을 얻어라~!

접속하신 모든 캐릭터들은 깃털시간과 같이 녹색 양말이 지급됩니다~!


이벤트 2. 변신 레벨 제한 해제, 드랍율 상향

이벤트 기간동안 75~80 변신과 드랍율이 상향 됩니다.


이벤트 3. 루돌프를 찾아라~!

루돌프는 하늘성과 기란감옥 1~2층에 출몰하며

아이템과 빨간 양말을 드랍합니다~


이벤트 4. 산타가 마을에 온다~!

저의 사랑스러운 산타를 좀 풀었어요~! 여러분의 외로움을 달래드리기 위해서~!


산타가 몰주냐구요? 100%에 가까운 코인드랍과 황금양말 을 줍니다

황금양말은 용검뿐만 아니라 여러 아이템들도 많이 준답니다~

어디서 나오냐구요?

크리스마스 트리 보이시죠? 저기가 산타가 나오는 자리들이에요.

크리스마스 트리는 기란 마을, 오렌마을, 하늘성, 기란감옥 1층, 버림받은자의 땅 에

위치해 있으며 산타가 어디서 나올지는 아무도 몰라요 ㅠㅠ.


이벤트 5. 최고의 스크린샷~!

이벤트 기간동안 아이디어 적인 스샷을 만들어서 (에딧팅도 가능함)

저한테 보내시면 1등상품으로 5000 코인을 지급해 드려요~

접수 방법



을 적으신후 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 로 보내주시면 됩니다.


추가 이벤트 1

신규들을 열심히 돕는분께는 제가 산타가 되어서 여러분께 선물을 드릴 방침입니다~


추가 이벤트 2

이번 이벤트 기간동안 서버에 가장 많은 도내를 하신 분께는 도내하신 총 금액의 20%를

추가로 코인 지급해드릴 방침이에요.

단 그전에 하신것들은 제외에요 (ㅠㅠ)...


이상 2013년의 마지막을 향하는 Zero 서버에서

모두 메리 크리스마스 해피뉴이어~



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