Devil King will be Return In Next Patch. Difference between Past and Now

1. Time Reduced from 2hours to 1hour

2. No more drop adena

3. 1~2 Feathers Drop (low rate)

4. Scroll drops

normal enchant armor, normal enchant weapon

cursed enchant armor, cursed enchant weapon

Blessed enchant armor, Blessed enchant weapon

Blank level 4, Blank level 5

5. Magical Eye Drops (4 types of Basic Magical Eye will drop with low rate.)

6. Reset Times are same as all others Time - D

Well... So many People using new computer with Window 8 ~!

(yep it comes with stupid window 8)

So!!!!! I installed Window 8 myself tested it~!

I been playing around with window 8 for a two days,

This is what I found from window 8.

I hope this will gives you tips.

Basic concept is how well you are going to use window key

(Because with Window key, you can back and force start menu and desktop window)

They divide APP and Programs. 

I never used window key to open my computer for open hard drive (its window key + E)

And they built so many stupid apps like apple (what!!!!?)

And they built start menu takes full screen

If you want to run something (window key + R)

If you want to looking for app or programs (window key + F)

well its same as window 7.... just looks different. But

Sad part... if you log into administrator.. (you can't use window 8 app)??????

That is the one of shitty parts of this window 8. 

Because of this protection system like UAC won't be turn off with regular log in account.

You must log into Administrator unless you need to right click run as administrator...

Yea window 8 has better protection system then window 7.

But I am telling you this window 8 is not simple as what it is.

This OS will make much harder than before who just

spend most of time playing a game with computer.

I detect a lot of crashing issue with other software too.

I will say window 8 or 8.1 just have 30~40% compatibility with other software.

So... If you are not good at computer... and if its not LAPTOP...

Use window 7... until they do more updates on Window 8~!


Sky Castle is Coming Back in Next Patch

Also Zero Protection Box & Lucky Protection Box on Sale

Zero Protection Box : 3 Zero Protection Scroll

Lucky Protection Box : 4 Lucky Protection Scroll

MR damage reduction has been increase.

Wind Shackle chance Increase by INT decrease By MR

Spell invisiblility has delay with 5sec

Decreased with Bow hit chance by AC 
(Higher AC Lower Hit chance)

Phantasm & Confusion (Illusion spell)
Chance Increased

Armor Break Base chance decreased

Destroy Base Damage Decreased

Fishing Bait price Decrease

CB chance changing By armor break has been increased
(With armor break 15% chance CB befre 
Now With armor break 18% chance CB)

How to do Halloween Event?

You can purchase items from feather shop with pumpkin seed

1. If you log on you get 10 Pumpkin Seed (same as feather time)

2. Hunt 31~34 ToI Floor, Jack-0-Lantern or Jack-O-Lantern will pops up.

3. Fake Jack-0-Lantern will give Pumpkin Seed,

Real Jack-O-Lantern will drop : Zero Coin, Gold Pumpkin, Silver Pumpkin, Bronze Pumpkin!!!

what gives what? find out yourself!

1. 접속시 호박씨 10개씩 지급 (깃털 지급시간과 동일)

2. 오만 31~34층 사냥시 잭오랜턴 등장 (Jack-0-Lantern 과 Jack_O-Lantern)

3. 가짜 Jack-0-Lantern 은 호박씨를, 진짜 Jack-O-Lantern은 제로코인, 금호박, 은호박, 동호박을 드랍합니다.

Good Luck! happy Halloween~!

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