- Polywand back working

- Market place renewed

- battlezone 

  dragonknight : Holding chain sword will poly chainsword poly holding other sword will poly swordknight poly

  elf : if you holding dagger or sword will do swordknight poly others will do bow master poly

- Sharena LeveL 75 & 80 poly scroll working and can purchase 1~20 at a time.

(locate at oren town)

- Dragon Knight

Skill chance base on int and level difference.

- Fishing Area Changed

- Scarecrow(noobie level up NPC)

 Before patch : won't get any exp if attacked by magic

 After patch : Will get exp even attacking by magic.

- TOI Changes

- Snappers

- Ture Death Knight Poly, Lighting Death, Fire Death, bounce hunter, night watcher poly added at Zero market shop

- level 70 75 80 polys

- Spell Scrolls changes

- Gremlin Magic Doll added

- Mage New Spell Ice Spike (all Freezing Blizzard spell will be remove)

- Dream Island Renewal

- Ice Dungeon Renewal (will be fix more)

- Dragon Valley Renewal

- Naval Battle Renewal (will be fix more)

- Castle renewal (not all castle renewed, need more work on this)

- Multi client log in with single client (spamming account = banned)

- Castle door and Guard didn't get any damage from melee attack has been fixed

- elemental enchant items now do different damage to weakness of monster

- Eruption, Corn of Cold, sun burst, destory magic will show different image when it hit critical hit

- Fantasy TOI Charm can be create from mubni


Patch Note (140723)
Event Changes
1. You get Guess Box every time 30mins.
2. Increased Drop rate with Guess Box from heine 4F.

Class Balance Changed 
1. Mirror image increase 3% back
5% decreased -> 3% decreased
2. Slayin's Kiringku
10% chance to drain mana
3. Magic resist damage reduction calculation more accurate

1. Stun chance changed
Minimum chance increased to 10 from 5

1.Pollute, Striker Gale, Entangle chances are decreased by 5%

Patch Note

Whisper require level change to 72

Global chat require level changed to 75

Can't type Korean in global chat.

Minor Bug Fixed.

Boss Damage Increased by 2%


Event Note [ May 21 ~ May 28 ]

It is base on Giran Prison[All Floor]

Its same as Death Ancient Event from past.

But This time, fighting with Monkey.

Monkey will become a Monkey King with chance.

This time Monkey also drops.

Monkey King will drop lots of stuff

include d-weapon, battle scroll, hp scroll, magic scroll,

Lucky Protection Scroll, Zero Protection Scroll.

As you guys know this is a week event,

Drops can be rare.


The reason I put monkey in GP is~

Double EXP Event will be end same as monkey king event.

Double Adena & Double Item rates will be removed.


Coins will receive extra 20% more if over 200

Coins will receive extra 10% more if over 100

Coins will receive extra 5% if under 100

until End of Event.




What is Deep Water Event?

Get Ready to get over +10 Weapon!


1. Just Log in And Get Chance to get Weapon~!

Every 30mins log in time you will receive Guess Box

What Guess Box does?

Guess Box will give you out random Enchanted +7 ~ +9 Fedality Weapon!!!!

Its random Box!

It can give 1000 adena or +7~+9 Fedality Weapon(depend on Your Class!!!!!!) or Nothing!!!!!!


2. Kingdom of Eva

Heine 4F Dungeon will drop Additional Guess Box And Zero Box (Remember Zero Box? Best Drop is Dragon Weapon)


3. Poly Scroll 

All Level 80 poly scrolls will be on sale at Zero shop (this items will be remove after event)


4. 3rd Year guarder ( Resale on Coin Shop)


5. Double Drops~!


6. Coin Event will be continue one more weeks. (Because of Request)


Thank you for Playing Lineage Zero and Good Luck all~!


14/05/14 Patch

max clan member increase 150 -> 200

Adena drops added on devil king area.

siege dates interval changed 2days -> 3days

level 80~81 potion added in coin shop.

1hour dragon emerald added in coin shop.


혈맹가입인원수 최대 150에서 200으로 증가

악마왕의영토에서 아데나 드랍추가

공성시간 간격 2틀에서 3일로 변경

레벨 80~81 물약 코인샵에 추가

1시간 드래곤에메를다 코인샵에 추가


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