Lineage Zero server is created in 2010 for MMORPG players older than 12 years of age that enjoy playing Lineage 1. This server advocates “responsible play” that include practising good manners and responsible speech when interacting with other players and Game Master (GM). This server is built on mutual trust and respect.

Lineage Zero is a private server with active GM that monitors the game.  This server is constantly updated with the latest patches for both English and Korean client and does not practise wiping/reset.

However, this server does not tolerate hacking, cheating, abusing of bug as well as abusing of GM. Such will lead to account been temporarily or permanently banned, depending on the severity of the incident. The followings list some key rules of this server.

·       Any actions or behaviour that tarnish the reputation of the server can lead to banning of account.

·       Promoting other servers or making up a story with no evidence can lead to banning of account.

·       PK Neutral Pledge members can lead to your character been killed by GM.

·       AFK in Ultimate Battle (UB) or Battle Zone (BZ) will lead to punishment to your character.

·       If you level down more than 5 levels, your account will automatically be banned by the system.

·       Joining two different fighting blood pledges can lead to banning of all your accounts.

·       If you hold more than 2 Bil of adena, it will automatically be removed. Please use cheque.

·       Using of 3rd party programs to cheat or gain unfair advantage can lead to banning of account.

·       Selling/Buying of characters with real money can lead to banning of account.

·       Selling/Buying of items with real money can lead to banning of account.

·       Switching tower with ally when defending castle is not allowed and will lead to punishment.

·       Spamming of accounts for Feather and etc can lead to banning of account.

·       Your account will be temporarily banned if you dispute your donations. All items in account will be temporarily confiscated by GM. Contact GM to clarify and resolve issue.

(All this ban action can be done without notification)

As Lineage Zero server is a PvP server like previous North America DEP and LOA server, certain level of “taunting your enemy” (only between warring BP and not against neutral BP) can be tolerated and allowed in this server. However, it is strongly recommended that you avoid “trash talking” and keep a friendly and harmonious relationship with all users on the server. The following Chat Ban (CB) rules apply.

·         Use of words that (1) suggest racism, (2) attack on another user’s personal life, (3) attack on another user’s family members, (4) threatening to harm other users outside this virtual world, and (5) sexual harassments will lead to CB.

·         Using of vulgarities will lead to CB and in some serious case (abuse) will lead to account being banned.

·         Accusation of someone cheating must be reported to GM and not be discussed with other users without facts and proof. GM reserves the right to CB anyone found to be spreading rumour (without facts and proof and without GM will investigation).


Use /exclude playername command to exclude the conversation of any players you do not wish to read and communicate with. GM will only give CB helms based on the above CB rules and will not be involved to resolve personal conflicts among players.

After chat ban, if user wish to appeal their case, please write to GM to discuss the issue. It must be written by the person who got CB or their respective pledge leader and not from anybody else.

Chat ban System. Comes with Helmet.

You need to put on the helm to remove it from your inventory.

Once you have helm, you can't talk on normal, global, and market chat.

CB helm time runs down when users equip it. User’s character hp decreases when user equip the CB helms. Warning, watch your hp when wearing the CB helms. 

There are 5 types of helmets

12Hours, 1Day, 3Days, 7Days, 30Days.

GM welcome all feedback and suggestion that can improve the server. Kindly email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This works like a suggestion box, and GM may not be able to reply to all emails and suggestions,

That doesn't mean GM didn’t consider your suggestion, so please don’t get upset when something is not going to your way.

GM will try his best to change what is best for Lineage Zero server. 

To date, this server had been running for more than 7 years. GM (Zero) constantly seek to improve the running and gaming experience of Lineage Zero server. The above rules may be changed by GM as and when required to facilitate the smooth running of the server.


Rules updated as of 10 Jun 2017

How to Install?

 All you need to do is download client & unzip the file!


Need Help?

  Having trouble with log in or other issue? 

Feel free to send email to zero for help ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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