Rules for Our Server

Most important rule in Lineage Zero is the "Manner". It is a PvP server like DEP and LOA, but threating, swearing, hacking, or cheating will get the permenant ban. Lineage Zero is not like other private server with no monitoring and helpless GM. As a game master, I respect every user who play our server, and our users respect each other as well. We are also not planning to reset the server or shut down the server in future. You are always welcome as long as you play the manner game and respect GM and other users who are putting lot of efforts to this server.

  • Any action or behave that makes server bad image will be banned. 
  • Promoting other server or making up a story with no evidence are bannable
  • Fighting with Netural Pledge for no reason, can cause death warning.
  • No PK in Giran DM at all
  • If you down level more than 5, you get banned automatically
  • You can get chat ban for trash talking on global and disrespecting other people
  • If you join two different fighting blood pledges, you get banned for spying or whatever the reason is
  • If you hold more than 2 Bil of adena, it will be removed automatically. Please use checks
  • Using any macro or 3rd party programs will be banned
  • Selling/Buying characters will be banned
  • Selling/Buying items for real money will be banned
  • Switching tower with ally when defending castle is not allowed
  • Spams Accounts for Feather and etc can be banned.
  • (All this ban action can be done without notification)
  • Any email you sent, about suggestions, I am happy to read over your ideas
  • But its more like suggestion box, you may not get any reply or any actions from what you suggest,
  • That doesn't mean i didnt consider what you are thinking, So please dont get upset when something
  • is not going to your way, I am trying to do my best what is best for our server.

Chat Ban Rules

Keep the manner while pvp, any words or action toward to enemy bp can cause chat ban.
racism, mentioning family, calling real names, real life threats, sexual harassments,

accusing someone cheating in game(this is must report, not for you to mentioning in global chat

without actual proof. Once I investigate the user and if I do find any hacking or cheating will give permanent ban).

These are the main chat ban reasons.
Other reasons I will not get involved with your fights.

Do not involve me into your fights.
I am here to make a better server and better community,
I do not raise my hand up for one side for no reason. 
So if you are trash talking to me with something
I did not do, I will not take it. It can also cause chat ban.

After chat ban, If you are willing to talk to me I will talk to you with all due respect, but must be the person who actually got chat ban not from anybody else.

I do not want to hear any 3rd person join the case even you are in same pledge or not. I do not care you are friend or not. You will not be defending anyone.

Reason 1
You might not know the whole story.

Reason 2
Even if you do know the whole story, you will be bias towards your bp most time or all the time. Will not help solve any cases any faster.

Reason 3
I do not want to explain every single case to every 3rd person joins in.

I am not willing to give out any of information on cases anymore. They must say with their own words to fix the problems.

Once you get chat ban or ban, that means you did not follow the rules for the server. I do not give out any chat bans or bans without a legitimate reason.

If you are not willing to play the server, that is fine by me.
I also do not want to run server for those who doesn't want to play.
But if you are willing to make better server, you can talk to me as a Adult, all other childish talk(whining) is unacceptable.

Chat ban System.

Comes with Helmet
You need to put on the helm to remove it from your inventory.
Once you have helm, you can't talk normal, global, and market chat.
commands works fine now, also you know how much time left for chat ban.

Time goes away by equip it. Once you put on it But standing in town, your hp will be decrease and die. So you must take it off if you are not doing anything. And chat ban time will be remain.

there are 5 types of helmets
12Hours, 1Day, 3Days, 7Days, 30Days.

How to Install?

 All you need to do is download client & unzip the file!


Need Help?

  Having trouble with log in or other issue? 

Feel free to send email to zero for help ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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